Missional Voices

A founding team member for Missional Voices in charge of technology. We set out to change the conversation within the Episcopal Church about what it means to be truly missional. 



A Try Tank producer for the first season of five Theological Explainer videos. Completed videos can be found on Theology_Explained YouTube channel.


Live stream host for eFormations 2014 - 2016, presenter, and Bootcamp Co-Presenter for the Diocese of Louisiana in 2015. eFormation seeks to form Christians within modern cultural society using new and innovative tools.


Key Resources

Launched Key Resources with Kyle Oliver, in addition to writing and curating resources while working for the Center for the Ministry of Teaching. Key Resources highlighted ministries across the wider church while being a resource for those looking for faith formation, technology, and various communities of faith. 


A member of the communications team for 2018: Formed for Justice Conference as the main-hub for all outward official communication and resource curation during the conference. 


A member of the communications team to widen the digital footprint for CEEP 2018 in order to reach the wider community.